[legup-announce] LegUp 2.0 Release

Andrew Canis acanis at eecg.toronto.edu
Tue Dec 20 00:05:04 EST 2011

     LegUp High-Level Synthesis Research Infrastructure -- Release 2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of LegUp 2.0!

This new release is the result of 9 months of development by a number of people
here at the University of Toronto. It contains many new features, cleaner code,
and many bug fixes over the 1.0 release.

Major Changes:

 1.  Jason Anderson rewrote the scheduler to use Jason Cong's state of the art
     System of Difference Constraints (SDC) methodology
 2.  Stefan Hadjis implemented pattern-based resource sharing (paper to appear
     in FPGA 2012)
        1. Added bit width minimization analysis used for pattern sharing
        2. Added live variable analysis pass used for binding/pattern sharing
 3.  Jongsok Choi optimized the communication interface between the TigerMIPS
     processor and hardware accelerators and implemented bursts/pipeline bridges
 4.  Kevin Nam wrote a cache simulator for TigerMIPS and a memory access
     profiler for extracting parallel functions
 5.  We've added an online demo version of LegUp to the website
 6.  LLVM version updated to 2.9 and
 7.  Compiler front-end updated to clang (llvm-gcc is deprecated)
 8.  Support for Stratix IV (DE4 board) with device characterization
 9.  New documentation with pdf version
 10. Tcl interface to control LegUp parameters: see examples/legup.tcl
 11. Significant code refactoring, both for clarity, modifiability, and also
     removal of dead code

For a complete list of changes see:


If you have questions, patches, and suggestions please email them to the LegUp
development mailing list: legup-dev at legup.org
Or email us directly at: legup at eecg.toronto.edu

If you find a bug in LegUp, please file it in our Bugzilla.

Andrew Canis

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