[legup-announce] LegUp 3.0 Release

Andrew Canis acanis at eecg.toronto.edu
Mon Jan 21 23:27:12 EST 2013

     LegUp High-Level Synthesis Research Infrastructure -- Release 3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of LegUp 3.0!

LegUp 3.0 is the result of more than a year of development by both graduate and
undergraduate students here at the University of Toronto.

Please join us for the upcoming tutorial at Monterey!
Jason H. Anderson, Stephen D. Brown, Andrew Canis, and Jongsok Choi will be
delivering a tutorial on LegUp at the 2013 ACM FPGA symposium in Monterey, CA
on February 11: "High-Level Synthesis with LegUp: A Crash Course for Users and
Researchers".  Learn more about it here:


Major Changes in LegUp 3.0:

 1.  Andrew Canis added loop pipelining support for simple loops using
     iterative modulo scheduling
 2.  Ryan Xi added floating point support to LegUp. He was helped by preliminary
     work done by Jack Fu and Nazanin Calagar. Victor Zhang also fixed some bugs
 3.  Jongsok Choi implemented multi-ported caches using LVT memories and
     multi-pumping memories
 4.  Ruolong Lian reimplemented Mark Aldham's hardware profiler. The profiler
     is now integrated with the LegUp hybrid flow and it is robust and scripted
 5.  Marcel Gort added a new minimize bitwidth pass to save circuit area
 6.  Qijing Huang added support for dual-port memories
 7.  Jason Anderson added support for resource constraints to the SDC scheduler
 8.  Andrew Canis added support for multi-pumping the DSP-block multipliers
 9.  Jongsok Choi added DDR2 memory support for the Tiger MIPS processor on the
     Altera DE4 board
10.  Victor Zhang, Ahmed Kammoona, and Bryce Long added preliminary support for
     enabling a CPU to communicate with a DE4 board over PCIe using LegUp
11.  Jongsok Choi added preliminary support for parallel accelerators using
     Pthreads and OpenMP
12.  John Qin added a preliminary scheduler viewer GUI
13.  Ruolong Lian added a cycle-accurate prediction engine for the scheduler
14.  Ryoya Sobue, a visiting researcher from Ritsumeikan University, wrote a
     script to determine multi-cycle timing constraints from the schedule
15.  Code refactoring by Stefan Hadjis and Ahmed Kammoona, and bug fixes from
     Keith Campbell

For a complete list of changes see:


If you have questions, patches, and suggestions please email them to the LegUp
development mailing list: legup-dev at legup.org
Or email us directly at: legup at eecg.toronto.edu

If you find a bug in LegUp, please file it in our Bugzilla.

Andrew Canis

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