[legup-announce] LegUp 5.1 has been released!

Jongsok Choi jchoi at legupcomputing.com
Thu Jul 6 12:54:50 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

We are very excited to announce that LegUp 5.1 has been released and is
available for download.

As some of you may know, the core developers of LegUp have taken the
high-level synthesis tool that we have developed for over 7 years at the
University of Toronto and have formed a company around it, LegUp Computing
Incorporated (www.legupcomputing.com).

For years, LegUp has been used by researchers around the world and has
become the defacto standard for high-level synthesis research. It has been
shown to produce state-of-the-art hardware.
We have brought all of the best features from our 25 man-years of research
and development and made it even better in this new release.

Here are just some of the highlights of what we have added.

   - LegUp IDE which provides a complete development environment with a
   debugger and a profiler.
   - Support for Xilinx, Lattice, Microsemi, and Achronix FPGAs.
   - Windows OS support (previously we only supported Linux).
   - Improved pipelining.
   - Improved memory architecture.
   - Improved user messages.

LegUp is now the *only* vendor-agostic HLS tool that can target *any* FPGA
vendor. This means that you only have to develop your application once, and
it can be implemented on any FPGA. No reimplementation is necessary to
target another FPGA vendor, saving you design time and costs.

While our previous academic releases prohibited commercial use, this new
commercial release permits it and also comes with a *30-day free trial*
period so that you can easily try out our latest tool.
Visit us at www.legupcomputing.com for more information.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Jongsok Choi, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
LegUp Computing Inc.
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