[legup-dev] install legup

Yunker, James M CIV NUWC NWPT james.yunker at navy.mil
Wed Sep 10 16:47:18 EDT 2014

Is it possible to install Legup on Centos 6.7 64 bit?

The Makefile in the log-3.0 directory seems to be setup for Ubuntu.

If I type make, I get errors:

Mkdir -p clog/install
cd cloog && ./autogen.sh
sh:  usr/bin/autoconf: No such file or directory.
Can't exec "/usr/bin/autoconf": No such file or directory at /usr/bin/autoconf/Autom4te?FileUtils.pm line 326
Autoconf: failed to run /usr/bin/autoconf: No such file or directory.


This implies it is looking for autoconf in the wrong directory.

Any help appreciated.


James M. Yunker  

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